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    70 Tumen jumps…

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      Hey, maybe he was followed by Cyber ​​Police, did you fake Google site open field Hmyntvr do nothing then finally one must be held accountable

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    I do not bother me from TAKTV call and say winning 2 million at Nqdghyr harvested and a Samsung Galaxy A7 extreme address me tell you we post after post 69 Tumen postage and got paid but when the box had opened a bin 800 toman and a paper with a series Description instead I got when I search Adrsv Vqzyh tricks on you. I also support SMS system numbers are not responsible neither is possible thanks to help me.

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    Unfortunately claiming to be fooled

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    سلام..حقیقتا واسه مادر منم ۲ ماه پیش تماس گرفتن و همین قضیه تکرار شد و من رفتم سفارش دادم و شماره پشتیبانی داشت و تماس گرفتم گفتن بعد ۳۵ رو محصول به دست تون میرسه و الان ۴۰ روز که گذشته و محصول نیومده و اومدم تو I was faced with this Google search…

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    Hey, do not bother complaining about how we should proceed?

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    Ardeshir Hesami

    Hi, I think Asia One need them complain anymore or responsive okay if you do it not to Khvdshm partner in crime, such as when the address is entered're logged in Asia Tech were perhaps Tbaygh itself, it's the least can be described here have got to say that the rest exposed the scam do not take drugs.

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    Unfortunately, many women seek re-kyu in our country that these people have no money and wishing that things work

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    LeBron James

    Hey, do me the same thing a carton of seventy Tumen to the post office, I'll be a wreck Pavrban Valle Ben eight peony

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    Hey, unfortunately I was a fool for the first and last time and will be assured me that this site and lots Kshyha and so forth 70 thousand Tumen of my pocket was not responsive something no one answer was nothing to nothing. . A postal address that does not exist from Tehran's package to the post office and you must get your insurance costs . I cheated because I had the sense that all online information such as name, address, phone, and even some online Internet transactions and volume of how much I have in months . It's just I gave you a body like telecommunications highway robbers have placed this information otherwise not be .

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    Hi please advise them that how we complain!Namely the Tumen jumped 70?

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    By God, I got the same thing happened a hundred thousand toman Mnvpd wired with an end nowhere it can not be used to send God's forbidden to feed Lntshvn

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    va maham gooooooooool khordim
    kharje saratane khanevadashon beshe
    age 1 million goal Khordam Bashar al-dar 69 zarb beshe mishe 69000000000

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    Amir Hossein

    Hey, I got that from 20taktv buy the phone now that he'll call on hold, but they say today, tomorrow score
    I'll follow your Anshaalh
    I buy my new year

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    I dodge Slam.blh Khvrdm.akhh all told me the exact Mshkhsatmv family name and home address…منم واسه همین اعتماد کردم.انشالله از گلوشون نره پایین.ادرسی که روی جعبه هم هست الکیه؟نمیش شکایت کرد اصلا؟ میدونید چن تا ۷۰ تومن از مردم بیچاره گرفتن؟؟؟ میدونید میش چن ملیون کلاهبرداری؟

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    Yes I fall 96 I got caught in that trap Vpvlm went eight hundred toman sent a paper bin with a cross instead of phone chargers that charge does not hold the Sharzhrh ten Tumen Nmyarzyd Namrda.

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    والا منم همین جریانت برم پیش امده امروزم باز دویاره تکرار شده البته اینبار اونا زنگ نزدن پیام دادن که من زنگ بزنم به شمارشون متن پیام به این شرح:For your end product by the end of office hours today, call 02166866271. In your opinion, how could I complain luggage I do get a Help Today 7/3/97

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    سلام منم گول خوردم. I never Nmybkhshmshvn . I hope Dashtm.ta within a few days I was happy that I won the lottery Blkhrh Shdm.v when I saw the hat Brdaryh constantly visited the site and still had eased back to nowhere paragraph Hey greed ate but I was not . I said to the other Dodge Dvsdashtm Nkhvrn. Interview really no rule that a site Taghlib hit and kick someone getting in touch with us immeasurably Knh.mytvnn numbers that you see the track they called Kieran. Or my son who came out for me was the address written Tehran. The logic was written. From there, they will follow. In short, do something that no one cares about us, unfortunately Anqd fraud Nshh.vly

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    I got sued Site.
    یک سال پیگیر بودم


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