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    I am a 56 year old retired employee with a woman that my wife had died and two grown children that are employed Draynha . How can I stay in Australia Agrbkhvahm I just take and how long it takes and the cost for Chqdrmyshvd Like Rahnmayym I thank you very fit and active, and whether though my age, I am 56 years old but I can not say Karazad Kardvlty Dranha Karknm Of course I know?

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      Mehdi heydarpoor

      Hi I am a 29 year old Mehdi secondary school degree computer science but I am free jobs. I am a pharmacy technician. (Pharmacy technician )Hdva 12-year-old learned experience I want to work. There will always address me before I go there I register for my work Hdva $ 2,000 if you're like wow guide

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    salam man haminjaro vase ertebat peyda kardam man afghanam moghime iran vase viza mitonam kari konam 25 salame ya har keshvare dige man kole karhaye sakhtemeniro be sorate herfei baladam ya kasi betone faghat az rahe havai..parvaz.. bebare Mamnon misham

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    Hey how Mynvanm with a list of courses and tuition universities and get to know Australia

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    Najib ullah

    Hi! I'm Najibullah would love to please my Astralyasfr Karbgyryd visa if I ask how much money you get? Vhrchndpvl to me if I read my message, please send an email to the email address below

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    Ahmad Saberi

    I want to travel to Australia .mdrk Thsylym Bachelor of Business Administration graduate NICU Vhmsrm (Nursing). How can you help me . Mobile 09133252284

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    John Year

    I John New, a mechanical engineer graduated from the University of Technology with 22 years of experience I am. During the past 6 years for light to heavy manufacturing stairs am. به کمک تکنولوژی ای که من دارم میتوانم با حدود ۳۰۰۰ دلار خرید ابزار یک بیزینس در کار ساخت و مفید جامعه راانجام بدهم.من فکر میکنم حداقل میزان گردش مالی این کار در سال به پول استرالیا حدود (300. 000 dollars)Brsd.kmaaynkh in time I perform it.

    اینجانب از جمله تکنولوژی خم کردن چوب به صورت کاملا منحنی رادارم وبعنوان یک اثرخاص ، یک پلکان سنگین تمام چوب ساخته ام که حتی شاسی باربر آن هم چوب لمینیت میباشد.سازه هایی که با چوب شکل داده شده بدست می آید بسیار هم مورد استقبال جامعه بخصوص جوامع با اقتصاد سالم است .
    Another high-tech structures made by politicians praise of my work is here St..dr.
    My English is quite Msltm . My sister, brother United States Canada America live Vdkhtrm.
    I was born in August 1966 0.09127378306
    At the bottom left of the image that request photos of dozens of specific work will be sent to you.

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    Hi, I have to get a work visa in Australia to give evidence on what facilities the way I experience almost 8 years of experience, I did not get a visa Mytvtnm

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    I want to migrate to Australia, I do not know how I do .mrahl nurse?

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    Be careful here. No one can help you here or even suggest how you can get financial assistance. Any answer to the lender the loan to your question, which should be ignored, because they are scams tricks … Real … I was a victim of that I was occurred thousands of dollars … Thank God a good Christian sister who referred me to loan organization formed by some Christian man. Called Sir Alan investment. (S.A.I). They made my life one value and gave it meaning. When the sister gave me to contact them, and contacted them. Then he asked me for a loan with all the necessary evidence to prove that I really need a loan, it agreed to a loan of 30,000. 00 USD and in the 48 hours after a meeting of the follow-up necessary to their needs, was my loan deposit in my bank account without guarantees. Although I was very nervous with the loan organization in the beginning because of previous bad experience, especially when it came the issue of me settle move up fees, and I hold on to my faith due to the fact that my neighbor pointed out to me, and I got it cleared, as it should be God . If not so quick referral from a Christian sister to the real source, and I wish to express regret my life full, because at that time I just divorced and the father of my son, and he faced my son (Kennett) With life and deaths. I am faced with hospital bills and I'm also faced with foreclosure in my apartment. It will not disclose details of the organization GODSENT at the moment for fear of plagiarism (Because it was discovered that some people are not really in need of financial assistance, but they just want to collect money from this organization Christian real loan). This is because that's why they do not, give out T-loan anyway. You must be able to convince them very well, and provide good evidence to show that you really need a loan before they can approve it for you. Their charge is very reasonable and reliable priced compared with many out there, and interest rates which is only 2%, and documents a little bit, a little credit check. As I said earlier, for security reasons, I can provide only their e-mail address. Initiative.Feel embrace this new free to contact them through Loan officer / Delegate. You will attend, and will be free of gimmicks and financial burdens.


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    Mohammad Javaherian

    Hi, I graduated 29-year-university undergraduate Zad-(Civil -Mran) With 3 years experience in the field of insurance and insurance-related-degree ielts 2 years -Mtahl-like Rahnmayym Knyyn to migrate to Australia… Grateful

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    I have a bachelor's degree Electrical and electronics engineers from Australia as the EOI register ENGINEER SRAFTPERSON Ess Shdm.hdvd 1 month ago I chose the wrong document BACHLOR Thsylymv instead OTHER QUALIFICATION. After a few days I came INVITATION Western Astralyly. After this INVITATION I wrong that led to 60 points for visa 190 0 489 visas have had 65 points OTHER QUALIFICATION correct and I chose and privilege 5 to 60 points lower and 55 points for use of 190 and 489 I. After about 3 weeks of Western Australia REMINDER sent me that I APPLICATION to apply for full sponsorship. I'm afraid if I understand this amendment after the jump for the immigration problem remembering INVITATION. Please help me if sponsorship application form to fill out, or I'll let you finish term?

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    Slam.danshjvy first semester senior food industry to migrate to Australia to do Hstm.ltfa.

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    I wanted to introduce a zero to Australia Bfrmayd

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    I am a 25 year old woman with two children three years and eight months of my stay in Australia I am Darm.tnha. I live in very difficult in Afghanistan. If you are able to help you and answer your e-mail address mental.

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    I have 3 kids, 34, expert teacher with 8 years experience in the food industry Vhmsrm gas installations Vamdady If I may introduce a way to stay in Australia Vsfr Thank you

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    I am 34 years old and a girl 3 years old with a Bachelor of Physical Education. Her bachelor's degree in textile design and a driving base, if it is possible for us to do an Australian resident. Thanks

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    Hi, Thanks for the information that after your Sayttvn..
    I am 27 years old and graduated in architecture (1) year experience in my field I'm isi article 0.1 and Photoshop software, 3 D Max and AutoCAD almost Msltm, I completed my Zbanmm, modest financial situation Darm.tsmym .
    Thank you.

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    I'm 33 years old architect living in Australia I am going with my wife Vdkhtrm approximately 8 years of teaching experience in architecture I please to do

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    Mostafa Khan Abadi

    Hi, my uncle is one of the heads of the University of Melbourne. If possible, please advice how can I travel to Australia.

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    I am 22 years old I qualification down even Dyplvmm not perfect, vocational degree in Mechanical and now I'm working for about five years and the job I want to set the car with my wife and I to Australia Migration visa was wondering if I parsa_0711@yahoo.cpm

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    I'm 40 and I have 2 sons Darm.shghl free and can pay 300 thousand dollars to buy a home or business can be migrated to Australia in Astralyaamadh Does not it?

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    I'm 30 years old and holds a diploma in electrical engineering industry and I'm around 9 years of experience in a piece of my car and going to work in Australia I stay me to do in this area.


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    My job and if I'm not mistaken job accounting and Yahsabrsy Hsabdaryh you request list Shghlyh Australia
    If you're willing Mqdvrh I am by your office to immigrate

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    Hi Admin
    22 years old
    Computer Associate degree
    Free medical service

    Hey, I'm planning to stay the next 3 years I can work on the field in Australia (Carpentry and cabinet-making) I
    After I got to do :
    1 .chh evidence of the need to take and where to have a good reputation in Australia and easily Assmnt body?
    2 BACKGROUND into account work while studying?
    3 a few years of experience, according to the latest changes do I need?
    4 If hired Drbyam furniture carpentry work experience into account?

    In general, if the job is not and what do you recommend a good job in his field?

    That's my answer please thank you

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    Hi tired, not my wife and 33-year-old has a BA in psychology, guidance and counseling am and my wife has a degree in Mechanical Engineering Professional Vtknsyn elevator and installation of security systems with fifteen years of experience is one we're going to move through the visa process. We Please Help Ad With Thanks

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    mohamad graduate mechanical energy conversion trends will help Hstm.bray Mykhvlstm.tshkr

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    I'm 20 and I migrated to Australia Knm.mdrk electric Associate Degree and Certificate I Modeling. What a way I'm comfortable. Modeling is a core task. Please advice. 09,396,266,230.

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    Hey, do not bother, me and my boyfriend are each 27 and 30 years of age, both a bachelor's degree in accounting from Azad University and I and my fiancée 5 years relevant work experience of 5 years of work experience related to the job that the financial director Financial Officer are, each capital totaling approximately $ 100,000 and $ 200,000 Australia Australia Fast food my father's half-cousin also had some permanent residents and PhD from Australia and Hmvnjam service by the home side's Zamnm and residence were Sydney , want to know how can I get to stay with Pool Australian visa conditions, it should be noted that the language I mean my wife is average to good and good to go we both ourselves to Myrsvnym, please click on Help, Thanks.

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    Hello I wanted to see English language course there is education there in Australia that I can see

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    I am a woman, 29, holds a Master of Applied Chemistry of the University of Azaddaray 2 years of work experience with a girl and a boy who are twins insurance my wife was educated in the field of agriculture Vdamdary do you do with 10 years of insurance
    Is there a chance to get a work visa for our attention thanks to Vpaskhtvn

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    Greetings. Twenty years old and a student of fourth semester Mechanical Engineering Aircraft Maintenance Unit airline industry trend'm Bandar Abbas.
    International degrees of engines, gearboxes, electric and gasoline-powered vehicles and repair of tractors and diesel injector systems of organization of professional technical and mechanical two years of work experience I am without insurance. I have knowledge of English and are preparing for the IELTS test am. Rahnmayym I have no way do I apply for an Australian visa.

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    My sister and her husband live in Melbourne I have a 3 year old and a baby sister was born there. I would love to go before they even have a holiday Please thank Rahnmayym

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    Hi, I'm 26 and a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from the State University of Shiraz public and I have a year of experience working with insurance, my wife Electronic Engineering from the State University of Ahvaz is the language of excellent but my wife and I mean seriously want to start fresh, you can stay I do Australia, please click on Help,

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    Hi you, a boy and I'm 43 years old and high school Mjrd.mdrk some twenty years on the market'm busy, no special expertise because of my job, I was wondering way to get Australia to stay there, I can think of about a hundred thousand dollars .Thank you

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    You are my father and construction work in Iran and why do you think that Australia continue to fall and we all take residence. Only problem was that the legal work related to registration and there was an impasse had been long-hee. Finally a friend you recommend us embassy to OK a legal case with Mr. Shbrkh that your attorney Australia are a talk. She minimum cost you less time and my father established a. To this day, that you own the company I work all the tax work like bar codes, tax codes, permits and gave us His law office doing.
    Hes the situation in Iran, I heard a lot of Sbath I think the fix is ​​to transfer Srmaytvn way to fix it before Brin and attorney help Bgyryn because as far as I remember most of the people that as lawyers we're talking butterfly Vklalt not only approved by the Department of Immigration but Mr Justice're a lawyer of their Shbrkh.

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    არ ფარული გადასახადები
    ჩვენ გთავაზობთ საგანგებო სესხებს ۱۰۰۰-დან ۲۰,000,۰۰۰ ევრომდე / აშშ დოლარამდე / გირვანქა ძალიან დაბალია
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